I can feel the angst,
just hanging on my face.
Feeling the irritability,
seep into my blood stream,
and take over my being.

I can’t hide it.
It is shown so bluntly,
and so true,
on my exterior,
that I don’t even need to verbalise it,
to be known.

It doesn’t feel like my angst.
It doesn’t feel like it belongs in my head.

It’s not really me.
It’s taking up residence,
in my head,
for the time being.

I’m just waiting with it,
and living through it,
until it leaves.

Being as patient as I can be,
it tests me,
right from my morals,
to my beliefs.

With deep breaths,
I breathe.
I take reigns of the wild horses,
in my head,
and I continue with my day,
the overwhelming sense of dread.

Published by Hayley McManus

I'm a writer who wants to share more content, instead of keeping them jammed in many notebooks in fear of anything and everything illogical.

5 thoughts on “angst

    1. Yeah totally, it lingers there for some reason even though everything around us should be making us happy. I have found it a relief to start recognising it as not my own heavy weight of negative, but as an emotion that will soon pass. The irritability is still there, but I can function better without letting it throw me down a hole of doubt, and restlessness.
      Thanks for your comment!


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