Press Pause

Press pause. It’s Sunday. I don’t want this peace to leave, as we roll through this sunshine in winter. It’s as if all the tension from the week, is put on hold and that humdrum feeling is traded, in for a soft, sweet surrender. Kelly and Finn, familiar words and melodies, dancing in the backgroundContinue reading “Press Pause”

Mirror Greeting

When I don’t understand what I’m feeling, I check in the mirror, to see if it’s all in place. All resting there, prominent in the crevices of my face. Usually it’s present, there in my features, long before I can make out, it’s meaning in logical sequence. It’s painted there ever so clearly, in myContinue reading “Mirror Greeting”

Home Invasion

Broken into,finger-prints, someone else’s. All over the fabric lining of your mind. View distorted, by hands, someone else’s. Manipulating the senses, moulding the clay beneath your skin. Temporary invasion, leaving you reeling , in shock and exhaustion. Asking yourself, as you wake up every morning after: Can I still call this home? My sanctuary? MyContinue reading “Home Invasion”