My Soundtrack of 2018: The Newer Additions

Here is a full list of music I only began listening to this year! I’m usually quite terrible at finding new music, but thanks to my edgy brother and Spotify, I have been listening to newish music I actually really like. Like a lot. Now, a majority of these songs and artists aren’t necessarily newContinue reading “My Soundtrack of 2018: The Newer Additions”

I Actually Don’t Mind Being Called Mate.

I think I’ve got it. Yep, I can’t say I never achieved anything in my life. I have the ugliest pinky. I might even give it a name like Paul. Or Patricia. Or Patrice. Or Pa–whydoyahavetolooksostinkingugly. Long gone are my chances of being a left hand model or even a two handed model. I justContinue reading “I Actually Don’t Mind Being Called Mate.”