My Soundtrack of 2018: The Newer Additions


Here is a full list of music I only began listening to this year!
I’m usually quite terrible at finding new music, but thanks to my edgy brother and Spotify, I have been listening to newish music I actually really like. Like a lot.

Now, a majority of these songs and artists aren’t necessarily new to 2018, it’s just that they were new and fresh for me. It was a rare year of listening to music that weren’t my old reliable favourites. Although Spotify told me I did listen to Fleetwood Mac the most….

These songs and artists I have listed in no particular order or ranking, have been on constant repeat. Like 30-50 times each per song or no doubt even more.

Summary of the kind of music I have liked this year:

  • Female harmonies.
  • Female rock musicians.
  • Cute percussion.
  • Cheeky & funny lyrics.
  • Fun guilty pleasure pop songs with electric guitar that I can dance to.
    ….hope more males make the list next year. Sorry guys!
    • Jade Bird
      My Favourites:
      Uh Huh


Love Has All Been Done Before

– Good Woman

  • Shilpa Ray
    My Favourites:
    Morning Terrors Nights of Dread

Is It My Body

EMT Police and the Fire Department

Revelations of a Stamp Monkey

  • The Staves
    My Favourites:
    – Jolene (Live)

Tired As Fuck

  • The Cornshed Sisters
    My Favourite:
    The Message
  • Maddy Jane
    My Favourite:
    – No Other Way
  • Oh Pep!
    My Favourite:
  • Daisy the Great
    My Favourites:
    The Record Player Song

Built My Home On Hollow Ground

  • Elizabeth & the Catapult
    My Favourite:
  • May Erlewine
    My Favourite:
    Never One Thing
  • Melt
    My Favourite:
    – Inside
  • Sports Bra
    My Favourites:
    Present Tension

– Try Harder

– Thank You for Being Alive

  • M, Toumani & Sidiki Diabaté, Fatoumata Diawara (ft. Santigold, Hiba Tawji, Ibrahim Maalouf, Seu Jorge, Nekfeu, Youssou N’Dour)
    – Solidarité

  • Carly Rae Jepsen
    My Favourite:
    – When I Needed You
  • Meg Mac
    My Favourites:
    – Roll Up Your Sleeves
    – Maybe It’s My First Time
    – Brooklyn Apartment 
    – Never Be
    – Kindness

    – Grace Gold

    – Ride It 

    – Morning

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