Coffee Date


Chatter, chatter.
Coffee dates,
Perfect weather,
How’s Heather?

Still with that guy,
I see,
It all looks perfect,
Until you see what’s underneath.

Is she seriously going to stay?
Even after he treats her this way?
But maybe,
It’s about how she treats him instead?
Did we even think to consider?

Oh, who’s to know!
Who’s to butt in!
They should know,
What they have got themselves in.

But how’s Frank?
Is he doing okay?
I heard about the accident,
and his poor wife Faye.

Yes, it was tragic.
He’s getting by,
As much as he can,
Without her by his side.

Imagine that…
…that I can.

How are the boys?
Oh, you know,
The same.

How are yours?
They’re okay,
School, sports,
All the same.

Wow, who have we become?
Soccer mums?!

We were once like those girls over there,
Sipping coffees,
And complaining about our hair.

We didn’t have a mortgage,
Or kids for that matter!

The worst of our troubles,
Were those about boys,
And part time jobs.
While worrying about the prospect of getting fatter!

Well, that ship has sailed.
Far, far away!

Mmm, I could do with another piece of cake.
Hmm, same.

Isn’t Lisa’s daughter’s wedding coming up next week?
Can’t see myself getting any slimmer,
After all,
It is still winter.

Chatter, chatter.
Coffee and cake,
What else would you need,
For a friendship date?

Published by Hayley McManus

I'm a writer who wants to share more content, instead of keeping them jammed in many notebooks in fear of anything and everything illogical.

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