Hand Splint Haul 2019


Yes that’s right folks, it’s that time of year again! I will be raving about my favourite hand splints of 2019. And that if you too desire to sever the tendons in your hand, you will no doubt get one of these bad boys fitted for you…personally! What a deal!

Phantom Splint:
Received my superhero splint 4 days after surgery, because the repaired tendons were so weak, my finger couldn’t hold itself up on it’s own. It was much lighter than my original cast and way more fashionable. I got a choice of fire engine red or phantom purple.
I went with the much more agreeable shade of phantom purple.

Night Time Finger Splint:
This was the first night splint I received to start straightening my finger with, that I would wear with my purple splint still on. As a collective, I called it my babushka splint.

Night Time Hand Splint:
When my finger wasn’t making much progress in straightening, one of my hand therapists made me this nifty glove. And I know it’s doing a better job  than my mini one, because every time I wake up it’s on the floor. Which means, I take it off almost every night from unbearable pain. I’d give it a smattering 10/10.

Ye Old Capener:
Now this contraption, takes it’s role of straightening very seriously.
As you can see from the styrofoam and the springs, it means business. Nothing screams pain more clearly than a gadget that looks like it belongs in the 60s. But so far with him and the night hand splint, I have managed to make some progress in straightening my finger. Hallelujah.

Daily Blocking Splint:
This is my daily blocking splint (Or as I like to call him, Laurel) that I wear to encourage the two injured joints in my pinky to move when I am doing my daily tasks. Because the two main issues of my injury has been the lack of active movement in my pinky, and the stiffly bent joints. The injured joints don’t move involuntarily, only when I consciously attempt to move them in my hand exercises where they barely move at all. And I learnt that when it is quite difficult to move an injured or sore joint, because ideally our brain likes to work it’s way around the issue by not moving it. So instead the joint at the top of my palm has been doing most of the work, due to major pain felt earlier on and the immense stiffness felt in the injured joints limiting any chance of achieving smooth glide movement of my repaired tendons.


It was 12 weeks yesterday (08/02) since the accident, and my pinky is still in bad shape for the way it should have been by now if things went smoothly. The next step for me now is to get in contact with a surgeon to get Tenolysis surgery to loosen the scar tissue around the tendons so I can have movement back in my finger. Which will be good, I’m hoping I get that sorted out soon.

Here I am excited for surgery again! But excitement as in the, I’m looking forward to having a functional finger on my left hand again, kind of buzz.

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