March – Haphazard Edition

March blog pic

It’s the last day of March, and I wish I had a funny month summary blog post planned, but I don’t.

Just nothing really extravagantly edgy happened.
*i mean i’m still edgy, but March isn’t i’m afraid*

There was…

  • Work.
  • Study. All day, erry day. Let me tell you about protein synthesis, and Piaget. 
  • Netball Season Began. How I Feel:
     “I’m a musician. But I love the game.
    This is my only physical activity, other than running to catch one of my many buses on the daily.
    Defs not a rep player.
    Yep, I struggle jumping in the air for the ball.
    I do not have any spacial awareness above my head. And I also have terrible depth perception on escalators. Luckily there’s no escalators in netball! I would be completely useless. For now I am only partially useless!
    And no, I can’t fathom any of these phenomenons.”

  • I think I have been wearing the same outfits every week.
    I’m just shuffling my T-Shirts around with my jeans and overalls, for added variety.
    *fashion. icon.*

  • And I am in dire need of a haircut. 
    *hays corner beauty tip #24: grow hair out until you get split ends, and start pulling them out in public like the beauty kween you ain’t afraid to be.
    Once your hair is on death row, then book a haircut*
  • I have no awareness of my face. Good-bye non-existent acting/modeling career. 
  • I’m still attending friend’s 21st’s. It’s great. Good food, good people, good nights, good food, and emotional speeches. Did I mention the food?

Catch you around next month for the exciting Adventures of Hay and her Teensy Corner of the World 😀 x

Published by Hayley McManus

I'm a writer who wants to share more content, instead of keeping them jammed in many notebooks in fear of anything and everything illogical.

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