ramblin’ tangents #1: Twilight, Mermaids, Unicorn Droppings.


I feel like rambling and going on tangents.
Even though my body is screaming: “Sleeeeeeeep”, and my brain is forcibly ignoring any sign of this obvious weakness.

My brain is being that annoying friend at a sleep over who will keep putting on Twilight movies to watch even though no one is interested anymore in finding out if Bella can handle the ex-werewolf love interest imprinting on her vampire spawn, as she battles the usual teenager struggles of marriage and blood sucking.

We all wanna roll over and ignore her insistent little speech on how the Twilight series was the movie masterpiece of our teen years, as she talks over the awkward character chemistry, and the poorly written script.
But we can’t help ourselves, and watch the entire series in awe at how long it took Bella to decide on a partner instead of a career throughout her high school years in Forks.
*true love*

Like I said, I feel like rambling and tangents.

On a particular topic? I have no clue, but I hope it is entertaining.

Maybe we will end up on a deserted island, and you will beg for me to finally have a clear point for this post and clear subject matter, as I wildly flail my arms around in response to your logic.
Because I feel like the hope of me making any sense this week is veeeery unlikely.

I feel as if my thoughts are scattered in 5 corners of my brain.
And in order for me to form a sentence in a cohesive sense; I have to pull words from all 5 corners sporadically, while somehow creating an amusing yet witty, yet totes-adorbs relatable blog post, that is sprinkled with the glittery goodness of wild unicorn droppings.

This is what we have come to.
Unicorns and mermaids apparently. They are all that I see in Typo (“hipster” stationary shop).
The shiny pinks and blues grace the *natural organically birthed* wooden tables & shelves in their Typo habitat. Sitting next to the galaxy pattern printed pencil cases and mugs that insist wine & tequila can be 11am drinks for the average adult.
*THATS how michelle obama does it*
Picking up a mermaid tail blanket to rub on my face, I fondle the clam lamp, and I wonder how I ended up at the store in the first place.

It’s just one of those times.

You set out for the train station to get home, but you pass the shop on the way, and BAM!
You’re the weirdo in the *edgy* stationary store with a mermaid tail rammed up against your face.

But despite the momentary mermaid infatuation, you leave with a chalk board and a pack of chalk. Walking the walk that emulates the strong, intelligent adult woman you ain’t afraid to be.
*insert sassy clicking action*

Hang on, what I mean is:
Walking the walk of a woman who has never felt like an adult in the entirety of her short life, due to recurring situations like this.

I mean, if the most interesting thing I buy that week is a chalk board.
Then I’m all up for it.

*maybe one day it will be company shares or a car…ya know something of value*


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I'm a writer who wants to share more content, instead of keeping them jammed in many notebooks in fear of anything and everything illogical.

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