Thoughts On 21 Years


// it’s my birthday! //

My first day of 21 has indeed begun,
Cue the fun,
And buy me a cake Mum.

*okay i’ll stop with the bad rhyming, this post is not a poem* 

What more do I need to say? I’m a young woman out in this world of other lost, crazy wild animals of 21 year olds, and I’m happy to join. 

I’m happy to join the forever winding road of feeling lost, and then not feeling lost. Tagging along with the kinda lost but not party, and then joining the yep definitely lost squad. 

What I have learnt from living for 21 years is that:

No matter how many times I want to reach my final destination, the pinnacle point of my extensive*coughs* minuscule career, and the cherry on top; I have come to realise *at an extremely early point of my life, where I could comfortably say that I have not lived at all* that we will never fully reach just the peak of our lives.
I think due to the imperfection of the human condition, we are constantly wanting more and expecting more of ourselves, no matter the older we get or the more success we achieve. 

So here’s to wanting more, and never being satisfied!

*okay, hang on that’s a little morbid*
*nah you just have a terrible sense of humour*
*thanks Hay, you really get me* 


Here’s what I have really learned… 

  • Practicing positive self talk every day is really important for your mental health in the short term and long term. If you fuel your body with healthy foods for optimum function, why wouldn’t you fuel your mind with positivity for optimum function?
  • Surround yourself with encouraging people! You are the average of the 5 people closest to you, so choose wisely.
  • Keep on finding ways to improve your craft, in order to continue evolving in your field of work. Not just for your own personal sake, but for the sake of the craft.
  • It’s not how quick you learn/understand a unit of knowledge that determines how smart you are. It is more so how you apply that knowledge to your best ability after the time spent learning it, that determines your intelligence.
  • A strong work ethic and strong organisational skills will always pull you over the line.

And Mum & Dad are always right.
Even when you think you’re ahead of the game, and you announce your change in future career or any future choices, they will have already predicted the likelihood of it happening before you even mention it. *witch!*

I still have plenty more to learn as I continue my natural progression into an old crazy cat lady, which makes me very excited to see what my future may hold.
*cats obviously; cat ladies have cats*

Below I have included some quotes from books I have read over the past 2 years that have taught me some important lessons, that have helped shape my character and the person I am today.

“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou

“Coming events will affect me, however my prayer and determination are that they will not reduce me.” – Maya Angelou 

“I’m not unique. I’m just a particular instance of the possible.” – Andrea Fraser 

“The culture we have does not make people feel good about themselves. And you have to be strong enough to say if the culture doesn’t work, don’t buy it.” – Morrie Schwartz 

“It is she who listens to the rest of the world who fails, and it is she who has enough confidence to define success and failure for herself who succeeds.” – Sophia Amoruso


Thanks so much to those who have been following this blog whether you know me or not! I have loved writing and arranging posts these past weeks, as I continue to figure out my voice as a blogger, one bad rhyme at a time.


Published by Hayley McManus

I'm a writer who wants to share more content, instead of keeping them jammed in many notebooks in fear of anything and everything illogical.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts On 21 Years

  1. Hayley, I’ve really enjoyed reading this blog of yours…and delighted you chose to quote Maya Angelou, one of my all-time favourites! (RIP, Maya)….sounds like you’re having such fun, good on you!

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