Well Worn Palace


When we were kids,
Our homes were our palaces,
A place where we played to our hearts content,
Convincing ourselves we always had more to explore.
Creating memories,
We never thought would be so treasured and tender,
Than our own original intentions. 

The world circled on in a universe,
Bigger than our own games and stories we lived in,
That we thought were the essence of life. 

Your home was mine,
And mine was yours,
Together we thought,
Nothing could destroy our well-worn palace,
Protecting us from the inevitable,
That soon found the sacred refuge in our hearts,
And now we are forever torn apart.  


Blinded by image and greed,
Your need for popularity,
Was stronger than your own moral integrity.
As I watched on by,
Our well-worn palace was broken into one by one,
Stealing all that connected us to our well-worn palace,
That now sets on the sun. 

 The world circled on in a universe,
Bigger than our own destruction and schemes,
That we survived,
Learning that was the essence of life. 

As the well-worn palace was falling down in a heap,
Due to your reckless leap and my wounded cry,
There was no chance this palace had life.

In the blink of a second,
And in the moment of a minute,
Your world went dark.
And mine just stopped.

We had no courage or strength left to save our palace,
We made the choice,
And it was too late to save ourselves from this malice. 

So while the world circled on in a universe,
Insignificant to our own heartbreak and sorrow,
We learnt in a short time,
How the best of times can quickly become the worst.

But this heart still beats,
And this body is still able,
And I am ready to forgive and forget,
As I am strong enough to keep on learning the essence of life. 


Published by Hayley McManus

I'm a writer who wants to share more content, instead of keeping them jammed in many notebooks in fear of anything and everything illogical.

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